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Maldives Holidays: Voluptuous Vellassaru Island


Romantic island getaways don’t come much more lovely and luxurious than Vellassaru Island in the Maldives.

Once a Laguna Beach, but since reborn as the finest of five star holiday resorts, Vellassaru Island is the ultimate holiday destination for young couples in the first flush of love, honeymooners, and older married couples looking to renew their wows.

First impressions count as they say and upon the approach to Vellassaru Island (which may well involve a speedboat trip direct from MaleAirport) visitors are greeted with a view of white sandy beaches that generate an undeniable aura of unadulterated luxury.

A glorious montage of design styles incorporating traditional local architecture and contemporary techniques, the resort is colourful, but not overpoweringly so. Minimalist stone and thatch bungalows and villas tinted with a pallet of green, turquoise and yellow showcase the beauty and splendour on offer.

Quarters come in a variety of room types including pool villas, water bungalows, beach villas, and deluxe bungalow. Needless to say, service is provided by friendly staff primed to cater for every need.

Holidays to the Maldives are regularly sought after by couples (honeymooners or otherwise) who are looking for a secluded but not isolated destination – somewhere that affords just the right amount of privacy whilst allowing lovers to enjoy other activities that can safely be performed in public.

A sunset cruise aboard a dhoni is a romantic experience not to be missed. What could be more appealing to couples than a cruise that caters exclusively for them, where they can relax and enjoy the history and culture of this coral paradise as they cruise around the circumference.

As could well be imagined, water-based sports activities play a large part and are plentiful on Vellassaru Island with a diving centre the focal point for providing bespoke experiences for both seasoned and novice divers.

Other water-based activities include skiing, wake boarding, windsurfing, kite surfing, sailing, kayaking, parasailing, snorkelling, and kneeboarding. Should fishing be the thing, traditional Moldavian fishing is available for the slightly less vigorous adventurer.

At the end of a day filled with such a wealth of activities, the need to retire to the comfort of the amenities to be found on this marvellous island resort is likely to be uppermost in the mind.

Relaxing in a private bar housed within air-conditioned accommodation, visitors can prepare themselves to sample the fine cuisine to be found by catching up on the outside world, if they choose to do so, by way of a LCD television, telephone, and internet.

Four magnificent restaurants punctuate the island. These range from the finest European dining to attractive Japanese and Asian cuisine. The main provider on Vellassaru is the Vela Restaurant – an establishment with a romantic aesthetic for sure but one that is proud of its reputation for the finest food and the finest service.

Interestingly, the word Vela means turtle to Maldivians and perhaps uniquely, the resort has a marine biologist in residence that is more than happy to provide guidance and expertise as to the range of aquatic life that can be found in and around the island – sharks, stingrays, turtles and all.

For those hankering for that little bit of extra privacy on this privacy-orientated island, the Water Suite is the place to go. Perfectly attuned to the requirements of true romantics, the Suite boasts a glass bottomed floor where a multitude of marine life can be enjoyed but this time without the input of a marine biologist. Indeed, only a butler providing a discreet service gives any suggestion of the presence of others. It is truly a secluded spot for the romantically inclined.

Top class in every way, holidays to the Maldives don’t come much classier than a trip to the beauteous Vellassaru Island.


Source by Lauren K Percival

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