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Best Ways To Spend Your Lunch Break In Sydney


Don’t want your hectic work day to be followed by a mundane lunch break at your desk? When even caffeine fails to liven you up, take a well-earned lunch break on an otherwise boring workday. And, in Sydney, you’ll never fall short of innovative places that’ll lift your spirits right away! Check out some trending options to best Ways To Spend Your Lunch Break In Sydney

Sydney Harbour Lunch Cruise: Sightsee in style

Skip your dull lunch routine and book a lunch cruise on Sydney Harbour for a change. With many budget options available, feel free to take your pick. Lunch in style while drinking in roving views of Sydney Harbour attractions. The ambience that goes with a cruise will give you a mini-holiday vibe in just an hour or two. Delicious lunch options add more to the experience.

Lunchtime Concert: Soak up some music

If music takes you to your happy place, City Recital Hall is the place to be during your lunch break. With just a nominal entry charge, you can enjoy a live concert, an instrument recital or a performance by rising vocal stars of Sydney. As you’re allowed to bring in your lunch, your lunch break can’t become any more melodious!

Meditation Classes: Turn on your inner Zen

Nothing better to relax your body and mind in one go than a meditation class! With many courses available throughout Sydney CBD, sign up for a weekly one and feel your stress vanish into thin air. Add some yoga to stretch your tired muscles and you have a winning stress-buster on your hands! Finish off by having lunch at a park or an alfresco outlet nearby!

Royal Botanic Garden: Good old picnic times

Nature is a retreat second to none. Get back to it during your lunch break at the Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney. With rich landscape and plant diversities to explore, a picnic at this peaceful oasis is a must-do for sure! Explore distinct greens and enjoy a brief lapse into nature, right in the centre of the city!

Painting classes: Add colour to your day

Let your creative genes rule your lunch break with some time at the Friday Express Art Class at in Millers Point. Make up for all the creativity amiss from your job at this art class with flexible timings. Hone your drawing skills with expert guidance from the instructor. Post break, you’ll feel as fresh as a morning flower! You can carry your lunch and have it by the harbour side, en route your class!

Karoake & Pool: Chill out at a club

Find a club or café with some fun board games or pool and enjoy a healthy round or two of games with some delicious lunch! Using a different part of your brain altogether, master your game. You’ll love that you get to move around after sitting at your desk for the whole morning. If karaoke is open at the venue, you can even hit a tune and turn into Sydney’s rising star. Getting some colleagues to join you is sure to amp the fun-quotient on this lunch-out!

With a list of lunch-out ideas that spell F.U.N from the word ‘Go’, all you need to do now is to choose one! Or start ticking them off the list, beginning with a lunch cruise on Sydney Harbour! Whatever you opt for, your lunch break is sure to get that much-needed makeover! Have fun breaking away from the mundane!


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