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What to Do If You Have Water Damage in Your Mercedes Benz?


What should you do if you have water damage in your Mercedes Benz ? If you are on this page, you will find the solution to this problem. First, make sure you really have water damage. Let’s find out how you can check and what steps you can take to perform the required repairs.

First off, check if you actually have water damage. Here are some things that you can check:

• The interior of the car – open up the hood of the car and check if you can find any exposed metal that has corroded or smells rusty. Some other places to look are under the seats, around the doors, under the dashboard, on the pedals, and so on.

• Seats & clothed equipment – gently rub and push the seats and other clothed equipment to check if you can feel any kind of moisture.

• Check for smell – if any part of the car feels like it is rusting, or if you strongly smell iron, there is a great chance that you have water damage.

In any of these cases, or even if you suspect you have water damage, you can go visit Apex auto garage for discounted Mercedes repair Dubai services.

Thoroughly dry the car

Before going out in search of Mercedes service Dubai, a thing you can try is thoroughly drying your car. Before this, though, open up the hood of your car and check whether water seems to have penetrated any part of the car.

If there does not seem to be any kind of leak, you can thoroughly clean the car with a dry towel and let your car dry for three to four days. It should work afterward. However, if this unfortunate event has happened to you, we suspect that you will be looking to take your car for Mercedes repair Dubai services. Apex Auto garage can come to your rescue in this situation.

Thoroughly dismantle your car

If you think you have the time and effort required, thoroughly dismantle different parts of the car that come out easily. Clean them in and out. Take the engine out and check if water seemed to have entered it. If the headliner seems to be waterlogged, you need to take it out too.

Do note that you will have to reassemble your car after thoroughly dismantling it, so it can take anywhere from several hours to even weeks. If you feel like you don’t have the time to do that, we recommend finding a Mercedes repair service center in Dubai, which will help you do your biddings for you.

You can get up to a 70 percent discount from agency prices if you want to get Mercedes service Dubai from Apex Auto Garage. We know how to solve your problems at a good price.

Final Thoughts

Repairs for water damage cars are labor-intensive and require expert care to get them back to the condition it used to be. Apex Auto Garage has a team of expert mechanics who specialized in water damage car repairs. This is why we keep recommending that you use Mercedes repair Dubai services.

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